negated unicode properties in case-insensitive mode

Issue #22 resolved
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While trying to test some of the recently listed properties supported by regex, it appears to me, that the negated properties don't work in case insensitive search; cf.:

>>> regex.findall(ur"(?i)\P{InBasicLatin}",u"aáb") [u'a', u'b'] >>> regex.findall(ur"(?i)\p{InBasicLatin}",u"aáb") [u'a', u'b'] >>> >>> regex.findall(ur"\P{InBasicLatin}",u"aáb") [u'\xe1'] >>> regex.findall(ur"\p{InBasicLatin}",u"aáb") [u'a', u'b'] >>>

as if the negated property literal \P would somehow taken in lowercase (?)

some other literals don't seem to be affected, e.g.

>>> regex.findall(ur"\s",u"a b\tcd") [u' ', u'\t'] >>> regex.findall(ur"\S",u"a b\tcd") [u'a', u'b', u'c', u'd'] >>> >>> regex.findall(ur"(?i)\s",u"a b\tcd") [u' ', u'\t'] >>> regex.findall(ur"(?i)\S",u"a b\tcd") [u'a', u'b', u'c', u'd'] >>>

works as expected.

Regards, vbr

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