Invalid modeline in `_regex.c`

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Issue #360 resolved
Matt Wozniski created an issue

If you open regex_2/_regex.c or regex_3/_regex.c in vim, you get an error:

"regex-2020.1.7/regex_2/_regex.c" [dos] 26950L, 863760C
Error detected while processing modelines:
line 26950:
E518: Unknown option: */

The modeline in both files is:
/* vim:ts=4:sw=4:et */

This is invalid - per the vim docs:

There are two forms of modelines. The first form:


The second form (this is compatible with some versions of Vi):

[text]{white}{vi:|vim:|Vim:|ex:}[white]se[t] {options}:[text]

That is, the trailing text after the vim options (the */) necessitates the use of the second form, so the corrected modeline should be:
/* vim:set ts=4 sw=4 et: */

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