msvpwn (MIT-licensed, see LICENSE) patches a DLL from Windows (msv1_0.dll) to completely disable the password check: you'll be able to get in with every conceivable password.


msvpwn [-s] file

You need to supply the DLL as an argument. msvpwn will patch it if it is unpatched, and vice-versa. If the -s option is supplied, msvpwn will only display the DLL's status (patched, unpatched).

To add more signatures, edit src/config.h, there's an array of PatchInfo structures to edit. See


The only dependency is OpenSSL (some make targets, detailed lower, also require ronn to generate a manpage, but I provide one so you won't need ronn; it's for developers only), compiled with SHA256 support.

make install

I provide clean and uninstall targets, and you can override the CC, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and PREFIX variables. Object files get stowed in obj/, and the binary goes to bin/ (I'll let you guess its name). By the way, my fellow Archers can use the PKGBUILD provided in package/arch (it's git-based).

msvpwn is also bundled with BlackArch, a set of pentesting tools for ArchLinux (a LiveCD is available too).

Makefile targets

  • regen_man: regenerate the manpage to reflect the changes made to doc/msvpwn.1.ronn. ronn is needed.
  • html: generate an HTML version of the manpage (doc/msvpwn.1.html). ronn is needed.