Ballistic v1.0b (Benedict) FlyingFlip Studios

Programmer & Designer README document Started April 19, 2004 - Ash

The Rules:

  1. Never commit non-building code to CVS.
  2. Test EVERYTHING before you commit. This includes the tool and YAAF.
  3. Try not to commit multiple times in a single day unless requested or absolutely necessary.
  4. Provide a verbos log message when you commit. Please place a copy of your commit notes and any other relevant stuff in BUILD_NOTES.txt document in this repository.
  5. Consult the list of "things that need to be done" in this document and work from there. Please place your initials next to anything you have done or are working on and make sure the update is part of your CVS commit so I know what is going on.
  6. When in doubt... ask.
  7. Hotline... learn it, live it, love it. (


An OS X native carbon build has all but been abandoned as of this writing. There are just too many issues with the Mesh and Skelmodel display windows that we cannot overcome at the moment. There are also serious issues regarding the on-screen windows and subsequent resources and dialogs. All of these screens are going to have to be rebuilt in Project Builder's Interface Builder application in order to really look elegant.

This will work fine in classic mode for the time being.

Things That Need To Be Done:

  1. OpenGL window in a new window by itself. This is used by the MeshView and Skelmodel View windows.