Documentation Repository

Also know as the home for the various rounds of #30DaysOfDocs


If you've decided to join:

  1. Give us a follow: @30DaysOfDocs - Encouraging bot and web site coming after I complete the first challenge.
  2. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes every day documenting a code related project you are working no matter if it is for work or not.
  3. Encourage at least two other people in the challenge on Twitter every day! Pay it forward!
  4. Remember the ultimate goal is to have better documentation for scripts, projects and anything to do with user interface or code. If you write it, document it.
  5. Tweet your progress every day using the #30DaysOfDocs hashtag.
  6. If you find a great, helpful resource that others would benefit from, either submit a Pull Request to add it to the repo, or just tweet at me (see info below)


  • Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @mbagnall17
  • I will keep a running list of projects worked on and things done both here and on my personal web site I tend to post most repo updates on Bitbucket