# User Entities (user_entities) A Drupal module for associating user entities with every other kind of entity. Use case is to save references to nodes, comments, taxonomy terms, users, or any other entity to users. Install ------- 1) Copy the module folder to the modules folder in your installation. 2) Enable the module using Administer -> Modules (/admin/build/modules) Configuration ------------- To configure: 1) Configure the site-wide setting for User Entities: Configuration -> People -> User Entities admin/config/people/user-entities. 2) Enable the types of entities the user should be able to save to her/his profile. Available options will appear with checkboxes. Select as many as needed. 3) Add further refinement by enabling specific entity bundles. For example, if nodes are enabled, you can allow users to save articles by checking the corresponding box but leave basic pages and other content types excluded, thus only allowing articles to be saved by users. 4) Check the box if you want a link to appear with other entity links (e.g. at the bottom of the node page alongside the comment link) or use the block provided by this module and place it on the relevant pages. 5) Define the text for the associate and disassociate links and add a class if desired. Saved entities will appear on the user's profile page.