Image Stitch

By: Michael Bagnall (mrbagnall at -

The purpose of this code is to provide a function for stitching together .png or .jpg images into a single master image.

Practical use cases (or cases that I am using this for) include:

  • Stitching album cover art together for display on a web site from recently played songs as determined by iTunes.
  • Stitching together non-hover and hover state images for mapping in CSS for roll-over graphics so they do not need to be loaded individually.

I am sure there are a ton of others, but these are my current use cases.

Right now the image is standardized to work with images all of the same size, but I am working to change that. It may not be graceful or elegant and I definitely welcome contributions and pull requests to improve the script.

The repo includes sample images used in the roll overs for a project I am working on at

In the future, the WIKI here will document the evolution and use of this script.