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Probo documentation

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Want to add to the docs? Have a fancy .probo.yaml file you want to show off? See something outdated that we missed? Contributing is as simple as opening a pull request with some changes.

Contribute documentation

The docs are written in markdown format and live in the docs directory. To contribute:

  1. Submit your changes in a pull request.
  2. Add the needs review label.

That's it! We'll take care of wiring any new pages into the menu.

Need a markdown primer? Check out Adam Pritchard's Markdown Cheatsheet.

To use syntax highlighting with numbers use this format

{% highlight ruby linenos %} def foo puts 'foo' end {% endhighlight %}

{% highlight css linenos %} body { background: red; } {% endhighlight %}

To use syntax highlighting without numbers use this format:

{% highlight yaml %} var cli = new ArgumentParser({ prog: 'js-yaml', version: require('../package.json').version, addHelp: true }); {% endhighlight %}

Contribute your .probo.yaml recipe

You can share your super slick .probo.yaml in just a few steps:

  1. Create a markdown file in the _recipes directory and paste in the following template. ```

title: author: github:

{% highlight yaml %}

Your yaml goes here!

{% endhighlight %} `` 2. Enter a title for your recipe. You can optionally add you or your organization's name as you would like it displayed and your GitHub username so we can link to your profile. 3. Paste the contents of your.probo.yamlfile between thehighlight yaml` tags. 4. Submit a pull request and add the needs review label.

Thank you for your contribution!