Michael Caron avatar Michael Caron committed 8ed27c6

Increased buffer to 1k (granted, larger than necessary, but it's still going to work).
Clears input buffer before each write to make sure there's nothing unexpected on the wire.

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 public abstract class Connection {
-    static final int MAX_BUFFER_SIZE = 70;
+    static final int MAX_BUFFER_SIZE = 1024 /* increased from 70 */;
     private byte[] bufferIn;
     private byte[] bufferOut;
     private int buffLimit = 0;
             Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, ">>>>WRITE: [{0}]", sBuff);
+            clearInput(500);
     public void write(List<Command> commands) throws IOException {
+        /* maybe try writing all the commands at once to improve perf. */
         for (Command c : commands) {
                 int avl = in.available();
                 Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE,"Clearing input buffer. Bytes available: {0}.",avl);
-                in.skip(in.available());
+                long skipped = in.skip(avl);
+                Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE, "Skipped {0} bytes", skipped);
                 try {
                     Logger.getLogger(getClass().getName()).log(Level.FINE,"Waiting {0} before another clearing.",waitTimeInMillisec);


         if (!this.connected) {
-        this.outStream = new BufferedOutputStream(this.sock.getOutputStream());
-        this.inStream = new BufferedInputStream(this.sock.getInputStream());
+        this.outStream = new BufferedOutputStream(this.sock.getOutputStream(), MAX_BUFFER_SIZE);
+        this.inStream = new BufferedInputStream(this.sock.getInputStream(), MAX_BUFFER_SIZE);
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