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Asyncio Mongo

Info:See the mongo site for more information. See Bitbucket for the latest source.
Author: Don Brown<mrdon@twdata.org>


An asynchronous Python driver for the Mongo database, based on Python's asyncio. This project is based on TxMongo

This project is still in the very early alpha stage and shouldn't be used for production.

Docs and examples

There are some examples in the examples/ directory.


  • Works for the asyncio (PEP3156) event loop
  • No dependencies
  • Connection pooling


  • GridFS support


Thanks to (in no particular order):

  • Alexandre Fiori (fiorix)
    • The author of TxMongo
  • Mike Dirolf (mdirolf)
    • The author of original pymongo package.
  • Jonathan Slenders (jonathanslenders)
    • The author of asyncio_redis, from which the connection and pooling code come.