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This project has moved from Google Code. Please see that site for old issues.
This project is also unmaintained. If you'd like to take it over, create a fork and I'll link to it.

Enchanter is a small library that helps you script SSH sessions in a manner similar to Expect. It comes in multiple flavors that support different scripting languages including Python, Ruby and BeanShell. This tool requires Java 5 or greater.

Here is an example script, 'date.py', that connects to a remote SSH server and gets the output of the 'date' command:

ssh.connect('myserver', 'myusername');
print 'Server date is '+ssh.getLine();

To execute this script with the script and enchanter jar in the current directory, run

java -jar enchanter-python-VERSION.jar date.py


  • Different builds to support Python, Ruby, and !BeanShell scripts
  • Learning mode to automatically build scripts based on observing an interactive SSH session
  • Supports public key (RSA and DSA), password, and password-interactive authentication
  • API similar to the ZOC telnet/SSH client

Latest release: 0.5.1

  • Fixed missing RSA or DSA key not failing over properly to password-based authentication methods


Common commands for the 'ssh' variable include:

  • connect(server, username) -- Connects to the remote server
  • disconnect() -- Disconnects from the remote server
  • waitFor(prompt) -- Waits for the text and returns true if found
  • waitForMux(promptList) -- Waits for multiple prompts and returns the index of the first match
  • sleep(millis) -- Sleeps for the given number of milliseconds
  • setTimeout(millis) -- Sets the timeout for all commands that wait for prompts
  • send(text) -- Sends the text to the server
  • sendLine(text) -- Sends the text to the server with the end of line markers

For a full list of commands, see the SSH interface


Each scripting language build has its own examples: Python Ruby * BeanShell

Comments or suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated.