1. Don Brown
  2. Remotable Plugins


Atlassian Remotable Plugins is the project behind Atlassian Plugins 3.


When getting started developing within Atlassian Remotable Plugins, these commands will come in handy.
You may need to run a 'mvn install' from the project directory first before running these 
commands in the '/plugin' directory.  Make sure to use Maven 2.1.0, the version that ships with
and is supported by the Atlassian Plugin SDK.

* Start the plugin in the desired product:
  Refapp: mvn amps:debug
  Confluence: mvn amps:debug -Dproduct=confluence
  JIRA: mvn amps:debug -Dproduct=jira

* Deploy the plugin at runtime in the desired product:
  Refapp: mvn amps:cli
  Confluence: mvn amps:cli -Dproduct=confluence
  JIRA: mvn amps:cli -Dproduct=jira

* Deploy the test plugin (code in src/test/resources) with the cli
  'tpi' for test plugin installation, works like the usual 'pi'

* Test your changes in all three products at once - open up three terminals and execute the above amps:debug commands,
  one per product.  You will also need three more tabs for each of the 'cli' invocations.

Note: If committing to the gatekeeper build server, run 'bin/committer-setup.sh' first.