x64dbg plugin SDK for JWasm64

fearless 2015 -


This is a consolidation and conversion of the original x64dbg plugin SDK files: _plugins.h, _plugin_types.h, bridgemain.h & _exports.h to a format that will work with JWASM and other assemblers. Currently this package only supports 32bit x64dbg (x32dbg).

For 32bit support use the x64dbg plugin SDK for Masm found here

Whats included in this package

  • JWasm64 version of the x64dbg plugin SDK found in the pluginsdk folder
  • RadASM testplugin project and files as a working example of how to use the plugin SDK
  • RadASM template for creating your own x64dbg plugins.
  • RadASM Code Completion files for easy use of the x64dbg plugin SDK for JWasm64

The files that comprise this version of the x64dbg plugin SDK for JWasm64 are

  • pluginsdk\ - Main include file for ease of use - see below on how to use.
  • pluginsdk\ - x64dbg masm/jwasm style include converted from x64dbg _plugins.h, _plugin_type.h & _exports.h source files
  • pluginsdk\x64dbg.lib - x64dbg library from the x64dbg source for x64dbg.dll
  • pluginsdk\ - x64bridge masm/jwasm style include converted from x64dbg bridgemain.h source file
  • pluginsdk\x64bridge.lib - x64bridge library from the x64dbg source for x64bridge.dll
  • pluginsdk\ - dbghelp_x64 masm/jwasm style include
  • pluginsdk\dbghelp_x64.lib - dbghelp_x64 library from x64dbg source for dbghelp.dll
  • pluginsdk\ - TitanEngine masm/jwasm style include converted from TitanEngine.h
  • pluginsdk\TitanEngine_x64.lib - TitanEngine library from the x64dbg source for TitanEngine.dll

The files that comprise the testplugin example project are

  • testplugin.rap - The main RadASM project file for testplugin
  • testplugin.asm - Assembler source file
  • - Include file
  • testplugin.def - Definitions file for the dll (dp32) exports
  • testplugin.rc - Resource file script
  • testplugin.res - Resource file compiled binary
  • testplugin.xml - Manifest file
  • testplugin.dlg - Dialog used in the testplugin example
  • testplugin.dp64 - 64bit x64dbg plugin (x64dbg) (renamed from .dll to .dp64)
  • testplugin-readme.txt - Testplugin readme file
  • Res\testpluginDlg.rc - Resource script for dialog used in testplugin
  • Res\testpluginRes.rc - Other resources used in testplugin
  • Res\testpluginVer.rc - Version info to add to .dll (.dp64)

The files that are included in the extra's folder are

  • install.bat - Copies the pluginsdk files to your JWasm folders (lib, include)
  • JWasmApiCall.api - RadASM Code Completion file for api calls (for x64dbg plugin SDK)
  • JWasmApiConst.api - RadASM Code Completion file for constants (for x64dbg plugin SDK)
  • JWasmApiStruct.api - RadASM Code Completion file for structures (for x64dbg plugin SDK)
  • x64dbgplugin.tpl - RadASM 64bit x64dbg plugin template for easy project creation
  • plugins\AutoCmdLine - RadASM source and compiled AutoCmdLine.dp64 plugin & readme
  • plugins\APISearch - RadASM source and compiled APISearch.dp64 plugin & readme

How to use

There are a number of ways of using the pluginsdk files in your own projects

  • Copy the x64dbg.lib, x64bridge.lib, debug_x64.lib and TitanEngine_x64.lib files from pluginsdk folder to your JWasm\lib folder
  • Copy the,, and files from pluginsdk folder to your JWasm\include folder
  • Add a line in your source code:
  • or add the following lines to your source code
    includelib x64dbg.lib
    includelib x64bridge.lib
    includelib debug_x64.lib
    includelib TitanEngine_x64.lib

Alternatively you can use the included template to easily create a x64dbg plugin project ready to use

  • Copy the template\x64dbg_plugin.tpl file to your RadASM\JWasm\Templates folder.
  • Open RadASM and choose a new project.
  • Choose assembler type as JWasm.
  • Choose the project name and folder.
  • Specify project as a Dll64 (64bit dynamic link library) type .
  • Select 'x64dbg plugin' as the project template to use and allow it to create & setup a ready to run barebones x64dbg plugin.

With any of these options, feel free to add any other includes and libs as you normally would.

  • Assemble: \JWASM\BIN\JWASM64.EXE /c -win64 -Zp8 /Zi /win64 /D_WIN64 /Cp /nologo /W2 /I"\JWasm\Include", "MyPlugin.asm"
  • Link: \JWASM\BIN\LINK.EXE /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /RELEASE /DLL /DEF:"MyPlugin.def" /LIBPATH:"\JWasm\Lib\x64" /MACHINE:X64 /OUT:"MyPlugin.dp64", "MyPlugin.obj", "MyPlugin.res"
  • Resource: \JWASM\BIN\RC.EXE /v "MyPlugin.rc"


For more information on the x64dbg plugin SDK functions and overall usage please read the x64dbg help manual section on plugins found here.

Make sure you get the latest versions of the x64dbg.lib, x64bridge.lib files from the x64dbg source. The files provided here may become outdated as changes occur with the development of the x64dbg debugger. I may add changes to the and to take into account new features and functions in future - but I wont guarantee that I will, you may need to manually update the .inc files yourself and download the newest .lib files if you want this package to stay up to date.

Including a manifest and version info in your plugin .dll (.dp64) may prevent anti-virus false positives. The testplugin has an example of this usage.