html-boilerplate voor Fabrique

This is a basic boilerplate template setup and helper files to get frontend development going. It uses Django templating in combination with compass.




To get this badboy on your development environment use:

    git clone myproject

The basic structure:

    plugins/                -- Vendor specific plugins (like bootstrap for example)
    sass/                   -- Sass files
    templates/              -- The static template directory
    templates/behaviour/    -- Behaviour stuff, JS, libs.. etc
    templates/presentation/ -- Presentation stuff, images, css... etc
    _base.html              -- The base HTML5 boilerplate template, you can derive the rest of your templates from this base.html
    config.rb               -- Sass configuration file
    DEPENDENCIES            -- Python dependencies; pip install -r DEPENDENCIES
    example.html            -- Example template
    example.json            -- Example JSON to seed the template if needed              -- Template development watchdog               -- This awesome README

Default workflow

    $ git clone myproject
    $ cd myproject
    $ source
    $ mkvirtualenv myproject
    (myproject)$ pip install -r DEPENDENCIES
    (myproject)$ python

Template generation with

To start monitoring:

    $ python

You can also use Django fixtures by adding json files in the same filename. As per example:


This process writes the compiled templates to ./templates

The files starting with a underscore (_base.html) are ignored. You can use this notation when creating includes for example. But you can also just as easily create a "includes" directory, its up to you.


  • Spaces not tabs.
  • 4 spaces per indent (also for the HTML, CSS and JS)
  • For vim users; make sure you have set noswapfile; set nobackup; set nowritebackup