Agave Gateway DNA: Core

This module is the base component for using Agave Gateway DNA in your Drupal site.


Install the module as you would any Drupal module. Clone the module into the sites/all/modules directory in your Drupal installation.


Once the module is installed you will need to configure the API Tenant. Go to There are five fields that need to be configured:

Name Variable name Description
API Tenant Base URL agave_tenant_base_url The Base URL for your API tenant. For example,
Consumer Key agave_tenant_consumer_key Your Consumer Key. Obtained from the Tenant API Store.
Consumer Secret agave_tenant_consumer_secret Your Consumer Secret. Obtained from the Tenant API Store.
Username agave_tenant_username Privileged user username (for creating users in the Tenant)
Token or Password agave_tenant_token Privileged user token or password (for creating users in the Tenant)

You will need to visit your Tenant's API Store to create an application and subscribe to the APIs. The Store should be accessible at $API_BASE_URL/store, for example,