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gender detection, open film links in new window

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        attr('href', ''+film.permalink).
+       attr('target', '_blank').
   $("<p style='float:left' class='rating'>").text(Math.floor(film.guess_rating*10)/10).
-    $('#users').append($('<li>').html('<i>and friends he/she follows:</i>'));
+    $('#users').append($('<li>').html('<i>and friends ' + (data.gender=='F' ? 'she' : 'he') +' follows:</i>'));
     $('#results').append($('<li>').html('<i>mark users to see their common movie recommendations...</i>'));
     fetch_collection('/1.0/user/' + username + '/following/?include=user', function(data) {
       $(data).each(function() {
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