libsimplepgp - C library for parsing OpenPGP messages.  

Copyright 2011 Trevor Bentley
Provided under Apache License, Version 2.0
See LICENSE file for details

libsimplepgp is a library for loading PGP keys and decrypting PGP messages.

Instead of aiming to support the entire OpenPGP standard, as GnuPG does, this 
project aims to support only the most common PGP message formats used for 
encrypting e-mail messages.  

Current features:
 * Parse secret and public keys
 * Store secret keys in an in-memory keychain
 * Decrypt message formats commonly found in e-mail communication:
   - DSA/Elgamal and RSA asymmetric keys
   - TripleDES, CAST5, and AES-256 symmetric ciphers
   - SHA-1 hashes
   - ZIP and ZLIB compression
 * Signature validation on binary literal data
 * Support PC (UNIX-ish) platforms
 * Support iOS (iPhone) platforms
Known limitations:
 * No support for creating messages (encryption)
 * No support for old formats, or deprecated message types
 * Not thread-safe

Build for desktop with included autoconf script:
 # ./configure && make && make install
Build and run example:
 # make installcheck

Build static iOS library with Xcode or command-line:
 # make ios

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