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Octarine Parrot Scripts

A selection of multi-purpose MIT licensed scripts (see COPYING). Configuration
options are in the files, edit them as required.

 Rip videos from DVDs. Requires mplayer, mencoder, MP4Box, mkvmerge.

 videoRip.bash doesn't clean up after itself in case something goes wrong,
 saves starting again from scratch. Once everything's done run this.

 A copy of my current vimrc file.

Other Scripts

These scripts are released under other licenses due to being based on other

hgeditor (GPL):
 Based on hgeditor from the official mercurial repositories at
 http://mercurial.selenic.com/hg/hg-stable/. This version has been modified to
 use vertical splitting to display the diff, as well as setting the maximum
 commit message width to 79 characters, and resizing the split to match. When
 the commit message is closed, so is the diff.