Kang-min Wang committed 3a6d3a1

-- --
fix xss bug

-- main.html --
change timer 2=>5

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 from google.appengine.ext.db import BadValueError
 import model
 import os
+import cgi
 from django.utils import simplejson
         jWhat = self.request.get('txtWhat')
             dbJoke = model.Joke(
-                            jWhen = jWhen,
-                            jWhere = jWhere,
-                            jWho = jWho,
-                            jWhat = jWhat
+                            jWhen = cgi.escape(jWhen),
+                            jWhere = cgi.escape(jWhere),
+                            jWho = cgi.escape(jWho),
+                            jWhat = cgi.escape(jWhat)
         except BadValueError:


 function InitializeTimer()
     // Set the length of the timer, in seconds
-    timeout = 2; 
+    timeout = 5; 
     secs = timeout;
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