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add search conference list function

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 from django.utils import simplejson
-class GetConfInfo(  webapp.RequestHandler ):
+class GetConfInfo( webapp.RequestHandler ):
     Get conference joke information
+class SearchConferenceList( webapp.RequestHandler ):
+    """
+    Search conference name by keyword, if no keyword then list all conference
+    """
+    def get(self):
+        keyword = cgi.escape( self.request.get('keyword') )
+        query = model.Conference.all()
+        #if had keyword
+        if len( keyword ):
+            query.filter('name >=', keyword)
+        query.fetch(1000)
+        output = []
+        for conf_list in query:
+            output.append(
+                {'name': conf_list.name,
+                 'desc': conf_list.desc})
+        self.response.out.write(simplejson.dumps( output ))
 def main():
     application = webapp.WSGIApplication([
-                        ('/API/GetConfInfo', GetConfInfo)],
+                        ('/API/GetConfInfo', GetConfInfo),
+                        ('/API/SearchConfList',SearchConferenceList)],
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