Andrew Godwin avatar Andrew Godwin committed 6213146

Fix #317 - Not escaping % in default values.

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                         default = "'%s'" % default.replace("'", "''")
                     elif isinstance(default, (, datetime.time, datetime.datetime)):
                         default = "'%s'" % default
+                    # Escape any % signs in the output (bug #317)
+                    if isinstance(default, basestring):
+                        default = default.replace("%", "%%")
+                    # Add it in
                     sql += " DEFAULT %s"
                     sqlparams = (default)
             elif (not field.null and field.blank) or ((field.get_default() == '') and (not getattr(field, '_suppress_default', False))):


+    def test_percents_in_defaults(self):
+        """
+        Test that % in a default gets escaped to %%.
+        """
+        cursor = connection.cursor()
+        try:
+            db.create_table("testpind", [('cf', models.CharField(max_length=255, default="It should be 2%!"))])
+        except IndexError:
+  "% was not properly escaped in column SQL.")
+        db.delete_table("testpind")
     def test_index(self):
         Test the index operations
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