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Adhocracy Liquid Democracy Implementation

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Delegation can happen on on all four levels.


Adhocracy uses Memcache to cache results such as rendered pages and results from time-intensive computations. To use memcache, uncomment the memcache config line in your .ini file and point it to a running instance of memcache.

If no memcache is configured or available, Adhocracy should still function, but displaying proposals that have a lot of votes can take a long time.

Installation and Setup

We recommend that you install adhocracy inside a virtualenv as it has _many_ dependencies.

You still need to install pylucene by hand sadly (with some tweaks it can also go into the virtualenv).

All dependencies are listed in so if you want to hack on it, we recommend to install it via:

python develop

If you want to just use it, installing adhocracy via using easy_install (or pip) is recommended:

easy_install adhocracy

Make a config file as follows:

paster make-config adhocracy config.ini

Tweak the config file as appropriate and then setup the application:

paster setup-app config.ini

Then you are ready to go.

Recent activity

Christian Scholz

Commits by Christian Scholz were pushed to mrtopf/adhocracy

ae51425 - added profile picture field to form and started to add it to the controller. Implemented a new validator for image uploads, checking file size and ...
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