Christian Scholz  committed e69f3f3

added JST templates for rendering the comment box and the entry box

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File quantumbuster/assets/static/jst/comment.jst

+<div class="comment-item" id="c-{_id}">
+    <div class="comment-author">Christian Scholz:</div>
+    <div class="comment-text">{comment}</div>

File quantumbuster/assets/static/jst/comment_entrybox.jst

+<div class="entrybox" id="eb-{_id}">
+  <form>
+    <textarea cols=30 rows=5 name="comment">{comment}</textarea>
+      <div id="comment-buttons">
+        <a href="#" class="button" id="comment-ok">Ok</a>
+        <a href="#" class="button" id="comment-cancel">Cancel</a>
+        <a href="#" class="button delete" id="comment-delete">Delete</a>
+    </div>
+  </form>