Christian Scholz  committed 671f175

removed dependancy on quantumcore.exceptions

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File quantumcore/storages/

-import quantumcore.exceptions
-class DuplicateKey(quantumcore.exceptions.QuantumCoreException):
+class DuplicateKey(Exception):
     """a duplicate unique key has been detected"""
     def __init__(self, k):
         return u"Duplicate Key '%s' detected." %self.key
-class KeyGenerationError(quantumcore.exceptions.QuantumCoreException):
+class KeyGenerationError(Exception):
     """system was unable to generate a new key"""
     def __init__(self, reason=u"unkown"):
         self.reason = reason
     def __str__(self):
-        return u"key couldn't be generated. Reason: %s" %self.reason
+        return u"key couldn't be generated. Reason: %s" %self.reason