## ABOUT DJVIEW4POLIQARP djview4poliqarp is a fork of djview4 ( Its purpose is to serve as a remote client to Poliqarp for DjVu server providing access to so called graphical concordances in a convenient way, cf. eg. The ideas to use DjView as a Poliqarp client and other suggestions were formulated by Janusz S. Bień. A prototype was implemented by Grzegorz Chimosz, the present version has been developed by Michał Rudolf. In years 2009-2012 the work was supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education's grant no. N N519 384036, now it is occasionally supported by Formal Linguistics Department of the University of Warsaw. The recent versions of the program support indexes, cf. Bień, Janusz S. (2014) Elektroniczny indeks do słownika Lindego. In: V Glosa do leksykografii, 18-19 września 2014 r. ( and ## HOW TO COMPILE WINDOWS VERSION ### Native compilation on Windows You will need Qt SDK (available from Compile djview4poliqap, using MINGW32. To run, DjView4Poliqarp needs Qt DLLs (available with Qt), DjVuLibre DLL (available from and MINGW runtime libraries (available with Qt). You can get all the necessary files by extracting the installer available at DjView4Poliqarp website ( To create installer, you need Inno Setup from You will need to adjust version number and the paths to local versions DLL libraries. See []( for more details. ### Cross-compilation for Windows on Linux You will need a cross-compiling toolchain and cross-compiled Qt and djvulibre libraries. The `` script automates the building process of those and the application itself. See []( for details. ## HOW TO COMPILE LINUX VERSION Install the build dependencies listed in debian/control, then run dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us -b -rfakeroot or an equivalent command. ## HOW TO COMPILE MACINTOSH VERSION Contact Michał Rudolf.