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Delegated Authentication - Invoke embedded-crowd login

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Hi Matt,

This is Sung. I think I found another problem with Siteminder and Confluence 3.5.x.

When using delegated auth, you have an option to auto insert a user into a confluence group. (ex. confluence-users). This does not work if a user logs in through SSO process.

Please look at the following link:


Can you perform a similar process as the link suggests? Fire the UserAuthenticatedEvent so that post-login processing is triggered.

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  1. Matt Ryall [personal] repo owner

    Hi Sung,

    The current version of the plugin is hard-coded to insert users into the "confluence-users" group, as you can see in the authenticationSuccessful() method in the code. Are you expecting them to be added to a different group?

    It isn't possible to configure this through the plugin at the moment, but I could add this support via a configuration in seraph-config.xml if you need it.

    Please let me know what you think.


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