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Confluence Token Groups Plugin

This plugin automatically looks up and adds your users to groups configured in Active Directory when they log in. It works with the "Internal with LDAP Authentication" directory to support large numbers of users and groups.


  • Confluence 3.5.13 or later. If you're upgrading from 3.4 or earler, see the upgrade process for the steps required to do this.
  • A configured "Internal with LDAP Authentication" directory for your Active Directory server. See screenshot below.
  • The directory must have "Copy User on Login" enabled and "Synchronise Group Memberships" disabled. See screenshot below.


1. Download the latest version of the plugin from the Downloads section.

2. Install the plugin in Confluence.

3. Make any configuration changes to the plugin necessary in the configuration screen, located under 'Token Groups Plugin' in the Security section of the Confluence administration console. See screenshot below.


Adding an "Internal with LDAP Authentication" directory
Required directory configuration
Plugin configuration screen


To debug problems with the plugin, you can enable debug logging in