Geoffrey Sneddon committed 073380a

Add our own exceptions

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 			term = term.strip(utils.spaceCharacters).lower()
 			if len(term) > 0:
+				if term in self.dfns:
+					raise DuplicateTermException
 				term = utils.spacesRegex.sub(" ", term)
 				id = utils.generateID(dfn)
 		for element in to_remove:
-			element.getparent().remove(element)
+			element.getparent().remove(element)
+class DuplicateTermException(utils.SpecGenException):
+	"""Term already defined."""
+	pass
 def escapeXPathString(string):
 	return u"concat('', '%s')" % string.replace("'", "', \"'\", '")
+class SpecGenException(Exception):
+	"""Generic spec-gen error."""
+	pass
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