Geoffrey Sneddon avatar Geoffrey Sneddon committed 4a09297

Use the root element, and not the tree, and not the repr() version thereof, for the gEBI cache.

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 	id = source
 	i = 0
-	while getElementById(Element.getroottree(), id) is not None:
+	while getElementById(Element.getroottree().getroot(), id) is not None:
 		id = source + u"-" + repr(i)
 		i += 1
-	ids[repr(Element.getroottree())][id] = Element
+	ids[Element.getroottree().getroot()][id] = Element
 	return id
 	return etree.tostring(Element, encoding=unicode, method='text', with_tail=False)
 def getElementById(base, id):
-	if repr(base) in ids:
+	if base in ids:
-			return ids[repr(base)][id]
+			return ids[base][id]
 		except KeyError:
 			return None
-		ids[repr(base)] = {}
+		ids[base] = {}
 		for element in base.iter(tag=etree.Element):
 			if element.get("id"):
-				ids[repr(base)][element.get("id")] = element
+				ids[base][element.get("id")] = element
+		return getElementById(base, id)
 def escapeXPathString(string):
 	return u"concat('', '%s')" % string.replace("'", "', \"'\", '")
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