Geoffrey Sneddon committed 4e44868

Move towards ISO 2145 (I hope that's right…) compliance, never having trailing dots in the section number. If anyone feels strongly enough to keep this in w3c-compat mode, do let me know.

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 						section.header[0].tail = section.header.text
 						section.header.text = None
 						section.header[0].text = u".".join(map(str, num))
-						# Don't ask: this just follows the CSS WG Postprocessor
-						if len(num) == 1 or len(num) >= 4:
-							section.header[0].text += u"."
 						section.header[0].text += u" "
 					# Add to TOC, if @class doesn't contain no-toc
 					if not utils.elementHasClass(section.header, "no-toc"):