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Fix --profile after the last commit.

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 		# Run the generator, and profile, or not, as the case may be
 		if kwargs["profile"]:
-			cProfile.runctx("gen.process(input, output, **kwargs)", {}, {"gen": gen, "tree": tree, "kwargs": kwargs})
+			cProfile.runctx("gen.process(tree, **kwargs)", {}, {"gen": gen, "tree": tree, "kwargs": kwargs})
 			gen.process(tree, **kwargs)

File specGen/

 	""" This oversees all the actual work done """
 	def process(self, tree, processes = [xref.xref, toc.toc, sub.sub], **kwargs):
-		""" Process the given "input" (a file-like object) writing to "output".
-		Preconditions for each process are here to avoid expensive function
-		calls. """
+		""" Process the given tree. """
 		# Find number of passes to do
 		for process in processes: