ms2ger committed 76c58db

Import functions from the correct URL libraries in python 3.

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 from lxml import etree
-import urlparse
-import urllib2
 from collections import defaultdict
+import sys
+if sys.version_info[0] == 3:
+    from urllib.parse import urlsplit
+    from urllib.request import urlopen
+    from urlparse import urlsplit
+    from urllib2 import urlopen
 statuses =   {"UNKNOWN": "Unknown",
               "TBW": "Idea; yet to be specified",
               "WIP": "Being edited right now",
         annotation_location = kwargs["annotation"]
-    if urlparse.urlsplit(annotation_location)[0]:
-        annotations_data = urllib2.urlopen(annotation_location)
+    if urlsplit(annotation_location)[0]:
+        annotations_data = urlopen(annotation_location)
         annotations_data = open(annotation_location)
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