ms2ger committed ea62532

Don't use unicode and basestring in python 3.

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 from html5lib.constants import spaceCharacters
+if sys.version_info[0] == 3:
+    str_type = str
+    unicode_type = str
+    str_type = basestring
+    unicode_type = unicode
 ids = {}
 spaceCharacters = u"".join(spaceCharacters)
     # Then just use tostring
-    return etree.tostring(Element, encoding=unicode, method='text',
+    return etree.tostring(Element, encoding=unicode_type, method='text',
 def copyContentForRemoval(node, text=True, children=True, tail=True):
     # Preserve the text, if it is an element
-    if isinstance(node.tag, basestring) and node.text is not None and text:
+    if isinstance(node.tag, str_type) and node.text is not None and text:
         if node.getprevious() is not None:
             if node.getprevious().tail is None:
                 node.getprevious().tail = node.text
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