Geoffrey Sneddon committed f10347e

Replace stylesheet with one for current status (yuk). Escape full-stops in the regex.

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 from specGen import utils
-w3c_tr_url_status = re.compile(r"[^/]*/(MO|WD|CR|PR|REC|PER|NOTE)-")
+w3c_tr_url_status = re.compile(r"http://www\.w3\.org/TR/[^/]*/(MO|WD|CR|PR|REC|PER|NOTE)-")
 year = re.compile(r"\[YEAR[^\]]*\]")
 year_sub = time.strftime("%Y", time.gmtime())
 	"NOTE": "W3C Working Group Note"
+w3c_stylesheet = re.compile(r"http://www\.w3\.org/StyleSheets/TR/W3C-(MO|ED|WD|CR|PR|REC|PER|NOTE|RSCND|Member-SUBM)(\.css)?")
+w3c_stylesheet_identifier = ""
 string_subs = ((year, year_sub, year_identifier),
                (date, date_sub, date_identifier),
                (cdate, cdate_sub, cdate_identifier))
 		if w3c_compat or w3c_compat_substitutions:
 			# Get the right long status
 			doc_longstatus = longstatus_map[self.w3c_status]
+			# Get the right stylesheet
+			doc_w3c_stylesheet = "" + self.w3c_status
 		# Get all the subs we want
 		instance_string_subs = string_subs + ((title, doc_title, title_identifier),)
 		# And even more in compat. mode
 		if w3c_compat or w3c_compat_substitutions:
 			instance_string_subs += ((status, self.w3c_status, status_identifier),
-			                         (longstatus, doc_longstatus, longstatus_identifier))
+			                         (longstatus, doc_longstatus, longstatus_identifier),
+			                         (w3c_stylesheet, doc_w3c_stylesheet, w3c_stylesheet_identifier))
 		for node in ElementTree.iter():
 			for regex, sub, identifier in instance_string_subs: