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<title>My Magic Specification</title>
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<div class=head>
	<h1>My Magic Specification</h1>
	<h2 class="no-num no-toc" id=working-draft-date>Working Draft — 23 January 2009</h2>
		<dt>This version:
		</dt><dd><!--begin-link--><a href=http://example.com/>http://example.com/</a><!--end-link-->
		</dd><dt>Latest version:
		</dt><dd><!--begin-link--><a href=http://example.com/>http://example.com/</a><!--end-link-->
		</dd><dt>Previous versions:
		</dt><dd><!--begin-link--><a href=http://example.com/>http://example.com/</a><!--end-link-->
		</dd><dd><!--begin-link--><a href=http://example.com/>http://example.com/</a><!--end-link-->
		</dd><dd><!--begin-link--><a href=http://example.com/>http://example.com/</a><!--end-link-->
		</dt><dd class=vcard>
			<span class=fn>John Smith</span>,
			<span class=org>Huge Multinationals Ltd.</span>,
			<span class=email>john@example.com</span>
		</dd><dd class=vcard>
			<span class=fn>Ian Smith</span>,
			<span class=org>Huge Multinationals Ltd.</span>,
			<span class=email>ian@example.com</span>
	<p class=copyright>© Copyright 2009 Geoffrey Sneddon.
	</p><p class=copyright>You are granted a license to do absolutely anything
	with this document, including removing this copyright notice.

<h2 class="no-num no-toc" id=abstract>Abstract</h2>

<p>This specification defines My Magic Specification to be even more awesome
than any other specification ever written.

</p><h2 class="no-num no-toc" id=status>Status</h2>

<p>This is a <strong>work in progress</strong> and may change under your, your
best friend's, your mother's, or your father's feet. This document changes
once in a lifetime, so don't trust it says what it said when you last read it,
because you don't know whose lifetime (or even other possibly useful
information, such as their age or species) that refers to.

</p><p>This specification is being produced by a dumb idiot, so don't bother
sending feedback.

</p><p>This specification is intended to replace absolutely nothing at all. It
should therefore avoid you from getting bored, becuase you will never have
nothing to do anymore, because this replaces it.

</p><h2 class="no-num no-toc" id=table-of-contents>Table of Contents</h2>

<ol class=toc>
 <li><a href=#introduction><span class=secno>1 </span>Introduction</a></li>
 <li><a href=#amazing-magical-section><span class=secno>2 </span>Amazing Magical Section</a>
   <li><a href=#the-first-subsection><span class=secno>2.1 </span>The First Subsection</a></li></ol></li>
 <li><a class=no-num href=#acknowledgements>Acknowledgements</a></li></ol>

<h2 id=introduction><span class=secno>1 </span>Introduction</h2>

<p>This specification is awesome. That's all you need as an introduction to it.
It's not worthy of mere words to describe it.

</p><h2 id=amazing-magical-section><span class=secno>2 </span>Amazing Magical Section</h2>

<p>This is the section of the document that says a <dfn id=magical-tool>magical tool</dfn> is
one that possesses magic properties, and that a
<dfn id=non-magical-tool title="non-magical tool">non-magical one</dfn> is one that possesses no
magical properties.

</p><p>If you wish to use a <a href=#magical-tool>magical tool</a>, it can be done with complete
ease, as, due to it's magic, it will help you use it. However, a
<a href=#non-magical-tool title="non-magical tool">boring plain old-fashioned one</a> can be a
lot harder to operate. This is true for things like <a href=#fish>fish</a>.

</p><p>A <dfn id=fish>fish</dfn> is an animal. It's really boring. It's totally and utterly
normal. All it does is swim.

</p><h3 id=the-first-subsection><span class=secno>2.1 </span>The First Subsection</h3>

<p>No other subsection will ever be as awesome as this, because this was here

</p><h2 class=no-num id=acknowledgements>Acknowledgements</h2>

<p>I would like to kill Hixie for bullying me into writing this document, just
because he wanted to be able to give someone an example of how to use Anolis.