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W3C CSS Test Suite Repository
approved/ is for tests that have been reviewed and approved.
Approved tests are managed as a common resource.
Do not touch anything here unless you are a test suite Owner
or Peer, or have permission from one and know what you are doing.

contributors/ contains a directory for each test suite contributor.
Tests inside a contributor's directory are managed by that contributor.
Do not touch anything outside your own directory unless you have
permission from the directory's owner or from a test suite Owner
or Peer.

tools/ is random scripts that may be useful when administering tests.
Legal Stuff
These tests are copyright by W3C and/or the author listed in the test
file. The tests are dual-licensed under the W3C Test Suite License:
and the BSD 3-clause License:
under W3C's test suite licensing policy:

Contributions to this repository are governed by the W3C's Policies
for Contribution of Testcases to W3C:

Contributors who are not members of the CSS Working Group must agree
to the terms of Grant II by filling out this form:
before submitting any tests to this repository.

Write Access

Since we don't have an automated sign-up system yet, to get write
access to this repository, fill out the license grant form and then
email fantasai
with the username you want. That's it!