The CodeFurther library is designed to be used in UK schools to provide students with access to data that hopefully has some relevance for them. The hope is that by gaining access to meaningful data, they will be inspired to CodeFurther.

CodeFurther is under active development and is licensed under the Apache2 license, so feel free to contribute and report errors and suggestions.


The CodeFurther package is designed to be used in UK schools to provide programmatic access to data that describes the UK Top 40 singles and albums. The hope is that by providing simple interfaces to access information that students may have an interest in, they may be inspired to CodeFurther. This documentation will therefore most likely be aimed at teachers and education professionals, who may not have a deep knowledge of Python.


CodeFurther is currently designed to work with Python version 3. I have recently carried out some work to make it run on Python 2 too, but this does need to be more thoroughly tested that my current Nose tests allow. If you encounter any issues, or you'd like to submit a pull request, please contact me on BitBucket.

Modules in the Package

CodeFurther contains a number of modules that provide access to interesting data. Those modules are shown below:

CodeFurther Modules
Module Description
:py:mod:`top40` Provides access to the UK Top 40 charts for singles and albums.
:py:mod:`lyrics` Allows lyrics for a given artist and song title to be accessed within Python.
:py:mod:`directions` Allows Google Maps route directions to be accessed from within Python.


CodeFurther provides:


CodeFurther can be found on the Python Package Index PyPi here. It can be installed using pip, like so.

pip install codefurther


The documentation for CodeFurther can be found on the ReadTheDocs site.


To run the CodeFurther test suite, you should install the test and development requirements and then run nosetests.

$ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
$ nosetests tests