coverage_msabramo_tox / howto.txt

* Release checklist

- Test on:
    - Windows
    - Ubuntu
    - Mac
    - Pythons 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2
- Version number in coverage/
    - 3.1a1, 3.1b1, 3.1c1, 3.1
- Update CHANGES.txt, including release date.
- Update docstring in, including "New in x.y:"
- Update docs
    - Version, date, and changes in doc/changes.rst
    - Version and date in doc/index.rst
    - Version and copyright date in doc/
    - Version --version output in doc/install.rst
    - IF BETA:
        - Build and publish docs:
            $ make publishbeta
    - ELSE:
        - Generate new sample_html to get the latest, incl footer version number:
            cd C:\ned\cog\trunk
            rmdir/s/q htmlcov
            coverage run --branch cogapp\ CogTestsInMemory
            coverage html -i
            copy/y htmlcov\*.* C:\ned\coverage\trunk\doc\sample_html
        - Build and publish docs:
            $ make px publish
- Kits:
    - source .tgz and windows .exe for each Python
        - $ allkits.cmd
- Update PyPi:
    - $ make pypi
    - upload the kits:
        - $ allkits.cmd upload
        # note: this seems to try to upload each file twice, so you'll have a
        # successful upload, then a failure, but the file gets there.
    - Visit :
        - show/hide the proper versions.
- Tag the tree
    - hg tag -m "Coverage 3.0.1" coverage-3.0.1
- Update
    - Edit webfaction.htaccess to make sure the proper versions are mapped to /beta
    - Blog post?
- Update bitbucket:
    - Issue tracker should get new version number in picker.
    # Note: don't delete old version numbers: it marks changes on the tickets
    # with that number.
- Announce on TIP.
- Ask Christophe Zwerschke ( to build win64 kits.

* Building

- Install fixtar on any Python used to make source kits:
- Create PythonXX\Lib\distutils\distutils.cfg::
    compiler = mingw32

* Testing

(automate these someday)

- On Py 2.x: need setuptools installed
- On Py 3.x: need Distribute installed
- Need nose installed
    - nose for py 2.x
    - nose3 for py 3.x
        - copy Scripts\nosetest3.exe to Scripts\nosetests.exe
        - copy Scripts\ to Scripts\
- Need to have coverage dev-installed
- In each Python installation to be used, create a "coverage_test_egg.pth"


  (or equivalent).

  These go in c:\python26\lib\site-packages or
  /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages, for example.

- For complete coverage testing, in each Python installation, create a
  "zzz_coverage_process_start.pth" containing::

    import coverage; coverage.process_startup()