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Merged in msabramo/six/dont_fail_tests_if_dont_have_gdbm (pull request #25)

Don't fail test if gdbm is not available

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     have_tkinter = True
+have_gdbm = True
+    import gdbm
+except ImportError:
+    try:
+        import dbm.gnu
+    except ImportError:
+        have_gdbm = False
                           [ for item in six._moved_attributes])
 def test_move_items(item_name):
             py.test.skip("Windows only module")
         if item_name.startswith("tkinter") and not have_tkinter:
             py.test.skip("requires tkinter")
+        if item_name.startswith("dbm_gnu") and not have_gdbm:
+            py.test.skip("requires gdbm")
     assert item_name in dir(six.moves)