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Rename urlparse => urllib_parse

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     MovedModule("tkinter_messagebox", "tkMessageBox", "tkinter.messagebox"),
     MovedModule("tkinter_tksimpledialog", "tkSimpleDialog",
-    MovedModule("urllib_parse", "six.moves.urlparse", "urllib.parse"),
+    MovedModule("urllib_parse", "six.moves.urllib_parse", "urllib.parse"),
     MovedModule("urllib_robotparser", "robotparser", "urllib.robotparser"),
     MovedModule("winreg", "_winreg"),
-class Module_six_moves_urlparse(types.ModuleType):
-    """Lazy loading of moved objects in six.moves.urlparse"""
+class Module_six_moves_urllib_parse(types.ModuleType):
+    """Lazy loading of moved objects in six.moves.urllib_parse"""
-_urlparse_moved_attributes = [
+_urllib_parse_moved_attributes = [
     MovedAttribute("parse_qs", "urlparse", "urllib.parse"),
     MovedAttribute("parse_qsl", "urlparse", "urllib.parse"),
     MovedAttribute("urldefrag", "urlparse", "urllib.parse"),
     MovedAttribute("unquote_plus", "urllib", "urllib.parse"),
     MovedAttribute("urlencode", "urllib", "urllib.parse"),
-for attr in _urlparse_moved_attributes:
-    setattr(Module_six_moves_urlparse,, attr)
+for attr in _urllib_parse_moved_attributes:
+    setattr(Module_six_moves_urllib_parse,, attr)
 del attr
-sys.modules[__name__ + ".moves.urlparse"] = Module_six_moves_urlparse("six.moves.urlparse")
+sys.modules[__name__ + ".moves.urllib_parse"] = Module_six_moves_urllib_parse("six.moves.urllib_parse")
 def add_move(move):
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