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-add some annotation regarding [ticket:2153]

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     to unrelated tables when determining inherit
     condition between parent and child class.
     This is equivalent to behavior already 
-    applied to declarative.  [ticket:2153]
+    applied to declarative.  Note that 0.7 has a 
+    more comprehensive solution to this, altering
+    how join() itself determines an FK error.
+    [ticket:2153]
 - sql
   - Fixed bug whereby if FetchedValue was passed

File test/orm/inheritance/

         # for mapper(), not just declarative, in the first place.  
         # there is no case where the failure would be silent - 
         # there is either a single join condition between the two tables 
-        # or there's not.
+        # or there's not.  0.7 changes how join conditions are determined
+        # so that we get the correct FK error here.
             "Can't find any foreign key relationships between "