1. Marc Abramowitz
  2. tox_msabramo_whitelistcommands


Marc Abramowitz  committed ee45055

Add a "whitelistcommmands" global config key. Gives a list of commands
which should not be warned about if not present in the virtualenv.

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File tox/_config.py

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         config.toxworkdir = reader.getpath(toxsection, "toxworkdir",
         config.minversion = reader.getdefault(toxsection, "minversion", None)
+        config.whitelistcommands = reader.getdefault(toxsection, "whitelistcommands", "").split("\n")
         # determine indexserver dictionary
         config.indexserver = {'default': IndexServerConfig('default')}

File tox/_venv.py

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                 % (name,))
         if p.relto(self.envconfig.envdir):
             return p
-        if venv:
+        if venv and name not in self.session.config.whitelistcommands:
                 "test command found but not installed in testenv\n"
                 "  cmd: %s\n"