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django-player (Django Presentation Layer) is a presentation framework to develop websites, setting focus on UI layer. It's not a CMS, you only present data extracted from other CMS's, but controlling the layout and how present the information to the user.


Install package from pypi:

$ easy_install django-player

Create a new website project:

$ create-website mywebsite

This create a mywebsite directory in your working directory, which is a usual Django project.

You have to define the DATABASES settings in the project settings.py file.

Create data models:

$ python manage.py syncdb --migrate

Run development server:

$ python manage.py runserver

And finally, open the browser and go to http://localhost:8000/


(( to complete ))


There are several demo sites availables running a django-player instance:
  • devel1.demo.django-player.yaco.es: this is the first demo site.
  • devel2.demo.django-player.yaco.es: this is a second demo site.
  • pre.demo.django-player.yaco.es: this is the preproduction site.
  • demo.django-player.yaco.es: this is the production site.