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clikkit - browsing enhancement for reddit

clikkit installation on userscripts.org

intro video

clikkit adds a pop-out frame to display the sites linked to on reddit. This lets you keep the reddit links in sight so you can vote on them and view the comments.


AdBlock: reddit's Javascript dies ungracefully if you have AdBlock enabled, which in turn causes clikkit to fail to load.

If you click an image link (PNG, JPG, GIF), the image will be loaded into a frame and sized to fit. Clicking the image will toggle between size to fit and original size.

If you click a youtube link, the URL will be converted to an embed URL so the video can be displayed.


Some web sites don't load in frames - please let me know by filing an Issue or sending me (BhujangiJedi) a message on reddit. Frame-buster sites will actually replace the reddit window with the linked web site. Frame-refusal sites will just fail to load - you can still open the site in a new tab by clicking on the address bar at the top of clikkit.

Youtube video links won't show up as visited. This is because clikkit translates normal links to embed URLs and loads that in the frame. If someone knows a sneaky way of getting the browser to consider a link visited, let me know.