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#i10000# Fix by kendy for debug build.

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 	if( pOut )
-		Color aOldCol = pOut->GetUnderColor();
+		Color aOldCol = pOut->GetLineColor();
 		Color aBlack = Color( COL_BLACK );
 		if( aOldCol != aBlack )
-			((OutputDevice*)pOut)->SetUnderColor( aBlack );
+			((OutputDevice*)pOut)->SetLineColor( aBlack );
 			((OutputDevice*)pOut)->DrawChord( Rectangle(0,1,0,1),
 											  Point(), Point() );
-			((OutputDevice*)pOut)->SetUnderColor( aOldCol );
+			((OutputDevice*)pOut)->SetLineColor( aOldCol );
 			((OutputDevice*)pOut)->DrawChord( Rectangle(0,1,0,1),
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