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File solenv/inc/settings.mk

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 .IF "$(PRJ)"!="."
 .IF "$(GUI)"=="WNT"
 .IF "$(USE_SHELL)"!="4nt"
-PATH_IN_MODULE:=$(subst,$(normpath $(shell @+cd $(PRJ) && pwd))$/, $(PWD))
+    $(subst,$(normpath $(shell @+cd $(PRJ) && pwd $(PWDFLAGS)))$/, $(PWD))
 .ELSE			# "$(USE_SHELL)"!="4nt"
 PATH_IN_MODULE:=$(subst,$(shell @+cd $(PRJ) && echo %_cwd)$/, $(PWD))
 .ENDIF			# "$(USE_SHELL)"!="4nt"
 .ELSE			# "$(GUI)"=="WNT"
-PATH_IN_MODULE:=$(subst,$(shell @+cd $(PRJ) && pwd)$/, $(PWD))
+PATH_IN_MODULE:=$(subst,$(shell @+cd $(PRJ) && pwd $(PWDFLAGS))$/, $(PWD))
 .ENDIF			# "$(GUI)"=="WNT"
 .ELSE			# "$(PRJ)"!="."

File solenv/inc/unitools.mk

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 CONVERT*:=$(PERL) $(SOLARENV)$/bin$/leconvert.pl
 EXECTEST := $(PERL) -w $(SOLARENV)$/bin$/exectest.pl
 GCCINSTLIB:=$(PERL) -w $(SOLARENV)$/bin$/gccinstlib.pl
+# The dmake $(PWD) variable and the tcsh pwd command both apparantly produce
+# paths with symlinks resolved, while the bash pwd command by default produces
+# paths with unresolved symlinks, so that computing PATH_IN_MODULE in
+# settings.mk would fail without the -P flag to the bash pwd command:
+.IF "$(USE_SHELL)" == "bash"