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oooimprovement6: #i99729# collecting ruler interaction, allow .special: urls to the log

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             static const OUString FN_ROTATEDLOG;
             static const OUString LOGROTATE_EVENTNAME;
             static const OUString URL_UNO;
+            static const OUString URL_SPECIAL;
             static const OUString URL_FILE;
     const OUString UiEventsLogger_Impl::LOGROTATE_EVENTNAME = OUString::createFromAscii("onOOoImprovementLogRotated");
     const OUString UiEventsLogger_Impl::URL_UNO = OUString::createFromAscii(".uno:");
+    const OUString UiEventsLogger_Impl::URL_SPECIAL = OUString::createFromAscii(".special:");
     const OUString UiEventsLogger_Impl::URL_FILE = OUString::createFromAscii("file:");
         const Sequence<PropertyValue>& args)
         if(!m_Active) return;
-        if(!url.Complete.match(URL_UNO) && !url.Complete.match(URL_FILE)) return;
+        if(!url.Complete.match(URL_UNO)
+            && !url.Complete.match(URL_FILE)
+            && !url.Complete.match(URL_SPECIAL))
+        {
+            return;
+        }
         Sequence<OUString> logdata = Sequence<OUString>(COLUMNS);
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