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fs34b: #i117552# check if query before call getByName in every case

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 			if( !m_pTreeView->getListBox().GetEntryPosByName(*pIter,_pParent))
-                Reference<XNameAccess> xChild(_xNameAccess->getByName(*pIter),UNO_QUERY);
 				DBTreeListUserData* pEntryData = new DBTreeListUserData;
 				pEntryData->eType = _eEntryType;
-                if ( _eEntryType == etQuery && )
+                if ( _eEntryType == etQuery )
-                    pEntryData->eType = etQueryContainer;
+					Reference<XNameAccess> xChild(_xNameAccess->getByName(*pIter),UNO_QUERY);
+					if ( )
+						pEntryData->eType = etQueryContainer;
                 implAppendEntry( _pParent, *pIter, pEntryData, pEntryData->eType );
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