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accfixes2: Avoid assertion on SetAccessibleName by setting empty first

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     // Is GetFrame correct???
     Window* pWindow = GetFrame().GetTopWindow_Impl();
     if ( pWindow)
+    {
+        pWindow->SetAccessibleName( String() );	// otherwise getting assertion when changing accessible name
         pWindow->SetAccessibleName( aTitle );
+    }
     //-----IAccessibility2 implementation 2009
 	return aTitle;


     DBG_ASSERT( !mpWindowImpl->mpAccessibleInfos->pAccessibleName || !rName.Len(), "AccessibleName already set!" );
     delete mpWindowImpl->mpAccessibleInfos->pAccessibleName;
-    mpWindowImpl->mpAccessibleInfos->pAccessibleName = new String( GetNonMnemonicString(rName) );
+	mpWindowImpl->mpAccessibleInfos->pAccessibleName = NULL;
+	if ( rName.Len() )
+		mpWindowImpl->mpAccessibleInfos->pAccessibleName = new String( GetNonMnemonicString(rName) );
 String Window::GetAccessibleName() const
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