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masterfix DEV300: #i10000# empty cat fix

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 		$(call gb_LinkTarget_get_external_headers_target,$*) \
 		$(AUXTARGETS)) && \
-	cat $${RESPONSEFILE} |xargs -n 200 rm -f && \
+	cat $${RESPONSEFILE} /dev/null | xargs -n 200 rm -f && \
 	rm -f $${RESPONSEFILE}
 		$(foreach object,$(5),$(call gb_ObjCxxObject_get_dep_target,$(object)))\
  		$(foreach object,$(6),$(call gb_GenCxxObject_get_dep_target,$(object)))\
 		) && \
-	cat $${RESPONSEFILE} |xargs -n 200 cat > $(1)) && \
+	cat $${RESPONSEFILE} /dev/null | xargs -n 200 cat > $(1)) && \
 	rm -f $${RESPONSEFILE}
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